6 April 2011

One from the archives

My sister very kindly sent me some pictures she'd taken from old family negatives.  This would be one of my brother and me standing by a Whirlwind helicopter at RAF Tern Hill on Families Day in 1970.  I love the fact that it was chilly enough for a jumper yet we're still both bare legged!!!


  1. I grinned when I saw this shot and had the same thought re jumpers/bare legs. And I think that you're standing in front of a Wessex and I reckon it's early 1972.

  2. Just to add to the confusion, I think that it is at Tern Hill, pre HK days!!

  3. Brother here! Using Barbara's sign in.

    Date: 1970 Tern Hill Families Day.
    Whirlwind HAR10 (dad's favorite from the point of having to work on it.)

    Still remember that day and what displayed!