Pancakes anyone?

It is "The Law" that you have to have a Baxter's pancake if you visit Fochabers!!  So today that is exactly what we did.  Mine and Ruth's were a plain pancake with butter and jam which we shared with BIL, Samuel had his with ice cream and my Nephew had a slice of his Mummy's. 
We also took a visit to the "Old Shop" which is fascinating.  It has all the original pots and pans used to make jam, an old fashioned till complete with a Sixpence from the reign of King George VI and a bell that my nephew loved as he could ring it and call "Service please".
Oh and did you know that Baxter's used to produce whole tins!!!!


  1. Looks like a fun time!

    BTW, Liz, please let Ruth know the Royals arrived and are being enjoyed. They happened to arrive the same week that my guests from England are arriving! Serendipitous!


    Sheila :-)

  2. I am supposed to be taking the boys before they go back to school - only normally go when we have visitors.

  3. Looks like an amazing place to visit.

    I like the new look of your blog. :)

  4. Baxte's pancakes are the best...espcially the ones with the toppings - they are a meal in themself!! YUM!


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