We have visitors

It's been absolutely gorgeous here today with temperatures in the 20s and just the perfect day for sitting,doing nothing at all. After a quick trip into town this morning I was all set to crack on and spring clean my kitchen but as the weather was so nice I took a cup of tea and went and sat in the garden instead. This turned out to be the best idea as we had visitors all afternoon in the shape of two tiny Coal Tits.  They've taken a fancy to the bird box that Samuel made a few years back in Primary school.
You had to be quick with the camera though as they don't hang about.
So out came the tripod and Big Lens and we sat and waited and they didn't disappoint, popping backwards and forwards to fill up the nesting box.
We just have to wait now for the little ones to arrive.  I'm glad we have some birds this year as Mr & Mrs Blackbird haven't nested here this year as we have no ivy for them to hide in.

It was also the day to see my first butterfly of the year and see my Bleeding Hearts coming into bloom.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be just as nice although I have domestic chores to do tomorrow as we have more visitors due in the afternoon!!!


  1. Gorgeous photos!!! Haven't seen any butterflies here yet.

  2. Brilliant pictures....great how you've caught the bluetit(?) coming in and out the box. I could sit and watch that for hours in my garden (if I had a bird box!) and what a brilliant bird box made by Samuel, he must be chuffed that the birds are putting it to good use!! :)

  3. Oh I am so happy someone is having beautiful weather and enjoying the birds. Loved your photos....:-)Hugs

  4. Fab photos....we have a pair of blue tits nesting in a box in the tree in our front garden...lucky for me the box is inches away from my front window and I've spent many an hour just mesmerised as they come and go filling the box up with nesting goodies.....Does this point in my life signify that I am infact becoming my mother....I used to balk at her sitting in the conservatory when I lived at home as she sat and watched the birds in her garden.....


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