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Recently I've come across new blogs from all over the world where some of the ladies live in amazing places.  Like log cabins in South Dakota, a ranch in Montana or a cattle farm in Queensland Australia.  With this in mind I thought I'd blog a few pictures of where I live and the surrounding area.

So here we go:  (Click on pictures to enlarge)
1. Fochabers village

 2.  The fountain in the village square.
 3.  The Primary school in the village.
 4.  The community garden overlooking the River Spey.
In the surrounding area we have:
5. The ruins of Elgin cathedral.
6.  Culbin forest near Forres where Samuel had great fun pond dipping when he was younger.
 7.  Pebbles on Spey Bay beach, Moray Firth.  We get lots of whale and dolphin watchers on this beach but so far I haven't manged to see anything!!
 8. The beach at Cullen, a small village along the coast famous for it's soup Cullen Skink.
 9.  More pebbles this time at Findhorn near Forres.
 10.  Findlater castle ruins and the rugged coast line of the Moray Firth. 
There are so many other beautiful places to see up here too so I might have to do another post with more photos in at a later date.


  1. Don't do too good a job advertising NE Scotland ~ it's my haven and I don't want to sahre it with the masses!

  2. Liz, this is one of the many reasons I love blogging ... getting a look at this wonderful world through the eyes of the people living there.
    I'm not showing my kids that primary school though ... they'd probably think it's Hogwarts itself!

  3. Thats a primary school? Wow! Super photos Liz & you may have started something here because I feel a blog post coming about where I live now :))

  4. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, I love Scotland, their villages, pubs, history and especially their people......:-)Hugs

  5. It's wonderful to see where you live! This sounds like an idea for a blog hop - we could all show photos of where 'home' is for us. You certainly could get a job for the local tourist board, I feel like I need to make a trip up north now!

  6. Scotland is very beautiful isn't it Liz? I love driving thru Fochabers....x

  7. Wow - what a lovely place- that school is one impressive building.
    Gorgeous x x

  8. You are so right Wonderful to see all these places. And I love your village in Scotland. And what a buildingt hat school is. Thank you for sharing.

  9. What a wonderful place to live, you have so much history right outside your door. My husband is of Scottish ancestry and would love to visit, hopefully we'll get the chance someday. But for now we'll look at your wonderful photos :)

  10. I somehow missed this post before but loved looking at the photos. My cousin works in Elgin and it's a place I've thought of coming to visit. It certainly looks beautiful :) xx


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