In five years time.............

Amy at Over at our Place set a challenge to "This week, if you are game, grab your camera and take five photos (that might be the hard part ;-)) of things that you know won't be around in another five years time."

Here are mine:

1.  I'm really hoping that Samuel will be at university, enjoying himself (but studying hard).

2.  I'd love a bigger craft space/room.
3.  A new kitchen.  It's the only room left to do.
4.  After 5 years already, I'm hoping that all the renovations are finished. I'm tired of holes in the floor!
5.  A new garden....preferably in the country attached to a nice 3 bedroom cottage/bungalow.
Why don't you have a go and see what you come up with.


  1. Good selection ~ love that only DN's leg is visible during his version of tidying up! Mum says she'll willingly have your kitchen when you've finished with it ...

  2. What a great idea, must try this only I would like everything changed in five years...:-)hugs

  3. Your house looks awesome!
    I agree that your "lived in" kitchen is also nice:)

  4. ohh I love the idea of a garden in the country with a bungalow attached, hope you get it :)

  5. Great job with this challenge. Hope your holes are fixed up before 5 years.

  6. I've loved Amy's challenge :) Your photos are so interesting - hope those holes are gone well within 5 years!!


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