New Babies

I've been keeping an eye on the bird box for the last few days as both Mr & Mrs C have been in and out like Yo Yos.  Today I thought I'd take a sneaky look and see if the eggs had hatched and they had.
I only had a quick look at first as Mrs C was still on the nest but later I popped back with the camera and took a quick snap.  I think I can count 8 but it's very crowed in there so maybe there are 9 and I just can't see the last one.
The nest is amazing.  It fills the box but the actual bit the babies are in is only about 2 inches across and the babies are about 1.5cm big.  They're going to get very squashed in there real soon.


  1. what an amazing photo! We have a bird box in our garden but instead of nesting there, we have a pair of blue tits who have made their home inside a disused overflow pipe from our en suite bathroom. It's a tiny pipe, goodness knows how they discovered it. No chance of a photo for us though!

  2. Awww,How Sweet!
    Are they noisy?
    Certainly is alot of little tiny mouths for Mommy and Daddy Bird to feed.


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