A watery day

It's been a day of water today.  Not only due to the fact that is has tried to rain on and off all day but because this morning we took Moss up to Ordiquish farm and along through the woods to the River Spey.

Where he went for a swim under the watchful eye of his Dad before trudging the few miles back home.
Then this afternoon we took Samuel to the Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery where he practiced his casting.  The first hour he didn't catch a thing (but then neither did his dad) but then as soon as his Dad went to get some more flies he managed to cast and catch a Rainbow Trout in about a minute.  We did laugh as neither of us had a clue what to do next so after I struggled to get the net set up we managed to get the fish into the net and landed it on the bank.  Then we had to try and get the hook out.  Well that fish was a slippery little sucker and wouldn't stop wriggling.  After a minute I managed to get the hook out and we put him back in the water only for him to lean to one side and not move!!!  "We've killed it" says Samuel!!  "I bloody hope not" says me "as we're supposed to do catch and release!!!"
Thankfully a few minutes later it regained it's strength and swam as far away as he could get.  Hopefully not stupid enough to get caught again today!!

I wasn't until John came back and looked at the slip of paper he'd got when we arrived that he realised it said that we could take one fish home :0)


  1. Sounds like a fun family day...Hugs

  2. he he! hope you're well, its been ages im sorry ive been a bit of a blog hermit! fliss xxx

  3. haha I can just imagine the panic that would have set in as you landed the fish!! Such a shame you could have kept it too after going through all that!!


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