Shimelles weekly LO challenge

This week the idea was to use a BIG image as the central point of the layout. Shimelle says " Larger pictures are great for adding contrast to an album and the pages come together very quickly."

So here it is and she was right.  The longest part was covering a Riff Raff chipboard coffee mug.  I don't know if you're supposed to cover them as they are a lovely brown chipboard and not a horrible grey but I thought it looked out of place with everything else.

All the papers I used were October Afternoon in varying patterns.  A Prima flower and left over paper that just happened to have a cupcake on it.
And for those of you that are wondering what Tiffin is, it's a divine biscuity, chocolatey, fruity slice of yumminess.

4 oz (or 125g or one stick) butter or margarine
1 tablespoon sugar (note that US tablespoons are 20% smaller than the UK so if you are in N America, use more for this and other tablespoon measures below)
2 tablespoons drinking chocolate
1 tablespoon golden syrup
2 tablespoons Raisins or dried Cranberries
8oz (250g) Rich Tea or Digestive biscuits (crackers/cookies in US)
6oz (170g) good quality milk or white chocolate

Melt the butter and sugar with the syrup in a large pan. Add the raisins/cranberries and drinking chocolate and bring to the boil. Allow to bubble gently for two to three minutes to thicken a little.
Crush the biscuits (crackers) with a rolling pin (putting them in a plastic bag beforehand cuts down on the mess). Don't leave the biscuit pieces too large, however, or the finished slab will tend to break up when cut. Mix the crumbs well into the melted mixture, coating thoroughly. Press into a lined 8 inch by 11 inch (28cm by 20cm) shallow Swiss roll tin and level out, pushing down the mixture well.
Melt the chocolate carefully (avoiding getting it boiling) and spread over the top. Leave to set in a cool place then cut into 15 or 24 pieces with a sharp knife. You can cut it into squares, rectangles or into triangles.

Enjoy :0)


  1. The layout is great Liz, but I have to say that you are personally responsible for biscuit making madness here - via Ruth, the oatmeal and cranberry bikkies have become a HUGE hit ... I'll have to try this one too!

    Thanks so much for your support of the SAG blog, we all really appreciate you visiting and I hope you feel more than welcome to join in with our challenges and link ups in the future!

  2. Gor -eous layout - love what you have done here.They look very scrummy :-)

  3. Tiffin squares are one of my very favourite foodstuffs :)

  4. Love the layout Liz and I think I would have covered the mug too. Haven't had tiffin before, might have to try this recipe :) xx

  5. That page looks really pretty and I can vouch for how yummy the tiffin was....yum, yum, yum!! Love your new-look page too - you will have do an 'inservice' on me!! haha :)

  6. great LO - love the coffee mug

  7. Yum - I love tiffin too :) I also love this layout! xx

  8. Love your take on this sketch - love the cup!

  9. Fab photo and LO. I used to make Tiffin! Such a fun memory (although I added cherries too...yum). Tfs.


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