Some finishing off...........

Thanks to Kirsti and Sonja I have finally gotten around to finishing some projects I started many moons ago.  They had this idea to finish off all the classes etc you always mean to finish but never actually do.

Like this one from Scrapagogo 2009.  This was Shimelle's class and all I had left to do was add journalling and a cover

or Shimelle's  Learn Something New class from December 2009 which I had managed to complete to page 15 but after that had (luckily) only left a wee post-it note on all the other pages.  The thing was I had already cut the paper out to finish the pages but never got around to sticking them down!!

Or yet another of Shimelle's classes.  You Think You now Me.  This one from 2006!!  I had two pages to finish and it took me five years to do them!!
and finally a Fries Box template (which amazingly isn't a Shimelle class) I got from UK Scrappers back in 2007.  I had the inserts cut out but never glued anything down.
The sad thing is it only took me a few hours to finish them all off so now I wonder why I didn't just do them at the time!!  Maybe I should stick to Layouts for a while as at least I seem to be able to finish one a week.


  1. Yayy well done Liz...this is definitely catching finished projects...

    Kirsti xx

  2. Well done. Looking good.
    There's hope for me then as I have a LSNED from 2009 half done as well along with two JYC's.

  3. I have the last page for JYC 2010 to finish..I have it drafted, all I have to do is get it into the book!
    Alison xx


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