I'm in love..................

With these boots. 

I've been trying for the last two winters to find flat boots that will fit my slim calves.   All the boots that are made at the moment are made for, shall we say, the more fuller legged lady!!!  Which means for those of us with little pipe cleaner leggies the boots fit in the feet but flap about on the leg and look way too big.

While flicking through a catalogue the other day I happened upon these beauties and was over the moon to find that you could buy them in 3 (yes 3) leg widths.  (The fashion houses of France were fed up listening to little old me moaning for the last few years that they finally gave in).

My only problem now is:
1.  Brown?

2.  Black?

3.  Both?

I think I know the answer already :0)


  1. I like! I'm after flat black one for this winter ~ are they from La Redoute?
    I'd get them both ...

  2. Both. Definitely. No hesitation. You've waited a long time for them - it has to be done!

  3. Both - but if I had to choose one it would be the brown pair.

  4. If they are as good a fit as they look, have both...you might not find them again!
    Alison xx

  5. Both - treat yourself to a jbp!!!!

  6. There you are - if your Mum says you should get them, you know you should get them! They do look like the perfect fit. I love them (and can sympathise a bit with the predicament - I have tiny size 2 feet, so if I find anything at all that fits I buy it)

  7. Just Darling!!!
    I certainly think that Both colors will definitely be needed!

  8. I love the brown but if you can afford it pick up both pairs, I love them......:-)Hugs


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