Tennis Elbow

It seems, after months of moaning that I can't use my right arm properly as it hurts to lift things, I have Tennis Elbow (to which Samuel said "But you don't play tennis!!").
A trip to the doc, plus a trip to the chemist for boxes of Ibuprofen and a tennis elbow brace was then followed by a Physio appointment at the local hospital where I saw a very nice Physiotherapist called Angie.  I answered lots of questions, got poked and prodded, had a few minutes of ultrasound and left with an exercise and massage routine and a suggestion to buy a packet of frozen peas!!
What more could a girl want on a Friday afternoon?


  1. I know what tennis elbow feels like and it's not fun! (I got mine from playing tennis on the Wii lol!) Hope your elbow is sorted out soon. x

  2. Ouch! That doesn't sound a lot of fun!

  3. Oh no!
    I am so sorry:(
    But, the frozen peas thing is kinda funny....I mean, we seriously pay people for suggestions like this!
    Hope the rest of your weekend starts looking up, friend!

  4. My mum's had that and it appeared to be very painful...take care!
    Alison xx


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