What was he thinking?

OK so I'm not really sure what Moss was up to while waiting for his dinner tonight!!  He always 'dances' around while his dinner is being made but tonight he ran into the porch turned round on the spot and sat down with the curtain on his head!!  He then stayed like that long enough for me to take his picture while Samuel got his dinner.

He's definitely a weird dog....but then he fits into this family very well indeed :0)


  1. haha - it must be a day for dogs doing daft things - mine was IN the bed.....but then every day is a DAFT day for that Archie!!!

  2. He's a poor put-upon pooch! I reckon you set him up!

  3. That's no set up he’s done it I few times. He gets so excited about his dinner he gets tangled up in the curtains!!

  4. Have just read on Ruth's Blog that it's your Birthday...many happy returns- hope you're doing something you enjoy!Alison xx

  5. I came to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope it's a great one!

  6. Awwww... so cute! He's thinking it's Halloween soon, and he's trying on his costume. ;-)

    I dropped by to wish you a Happy Birthday! I read it on Ruth's blog and didn't want the day to slip past without wishing you many happy returns.




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