A new book

Give a boy (who doesn't read) a good book and look what happens....

In Waterstones book shop..................

On the ferry............

and in Marks & Spencers coffee shop!!

The Book?

Holes by Louis Sacher

At the beginning of the story, Stanley Yelnats IV, a timid, fat boy supposedly affected by a family "curse", has been wrongly accused of stealing the baseball player Clyde Livingston’s shoes from a charity auction, and sentenced to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention facility where boys of similar age are forced to dig holes to “build their character”. There, Stanley learns that the warden of Camp Green Lake is searching for the buried treasure of Wild West outlaw "Kissin’ Kate Barlow, in connection with whom Stanley finds a lipstick tube inscribed with the initials "KB".

My perseverance has paid off as he's now onto the second book, "Small Steps".


  1. Excellent! He looks so grown up!!

  2. I remember my son reading quite a few from that author, he's never seen without a book in his hand/in his bag/on his desk .... isn't it great when they are engrossed in something!

  3. I shall have to look that one up for my sons. They are always on the lookout for good books. I remember how hard it was to start them on the path to enjoying to read. We made a deal, they could stay up half an hour later to read in bed and we would alternate book choices. They choose one, i choose one etc. They each fell in love with reading while reading a specific book. I still remember the name of the book for each of them. I love it when that happens. So glad you found a 'good book' for your son.

  4. That's a picture to gladden an old librarian's heart :)


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