A few moments from today before giving myself an afternoon of crafting.

:: 1.  The dreaded ironing.  No need for a photo of that as we all know that picture.

:: 2.  A walk with Moss.  The weather today has been a positively tropical 16 degrees C, which after yesterday's 4 degrees was very welcome.
As we hadn't been for a few days I took Moss for a walk around the pond on the local Estate.

The sun was shining

The colours were beautiful.

There was dappled light through the trees.

The sky was blue

One side of the pond was sunny

While on the other side the clouds gathered.

and the sun glistened off the water.

and now it's grey and raining so perfect for an afternoon of ME time.


  1. You should apply for a post with the Scottish Tourist Board! Lovely set of photos. x

  2. Hope you had a lovely afternoon...looks like the perfect place for a walk!
    Alison xx

  3. gorgeous photos especially the dappled light thru the trees & shining light on the water :)

  4. I have to agree with Ruth, your part of the world and how you ahve shown it, is just beautiful!
    I hope the crafty afternoon went well :-)

  5. Glad you got out while the sun was shining - what a beautiful walk. Happy crafting x

  6. Beautiful, beautiful photos

  7. What beautiful photos, I love the look of your walk - it seems so peaceful! x


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