My very own Kandinsky

Samuel has been busy in Art at school over the last few months and their artist of choice was Wassily Kandinsky.  I L♥VE it .  It is destined to be framed and hung in the hall.  It even has lots of my favourite lime green in it (even if it doesn't show very well in this photo).

If I'm honest I've never heard of him but then I can't draw and have no interest in Art.  This is one from the man himself.
Wassily Kandinsky (Russia/France, 1866-1944) renowned both for his abstract and non-objective work was also perhaps equally renowned for his political activism. The combination of both earned him the significant role as member of the avant-garde artists of the time. Deeply involved in the Bauhaus Movement, his work influenced the world both culturally and artistically catapulting the Modernist style to the forefront.


  1. Wow what a brilliant take on Kappy (whatever he was called!!) - nice, bright colours!! That will look great in a frame! ;)

  2. What a talent he has! That picture certainly deserves to be framed and put on show.

  3. It does look pretty cool, doesn't it?

  4. Love the Kandinsky-esque painting. Samuel is obviously a lot better at art than I was!


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