Ripple Goodness

Although I've been crocheting for almost 2 years now I still couldn't bring myself to start a Ripple blanket.  It looked far too complicated and way beyond my experience.  All the blankets and cushions I'd seen over on Flickr and at Attic 24 looked amazing and I was desperate to have a go so the other weekend I cast on my 219 stitches and took the plunge.

Then the dental pain started and I had to put it down as I couldn't concentrate.

There are always some consolations to laying awake all night as it did get me thinking how the stitches would work out and low and behold I've managed to do it.

It's taking me a while to get into it as I keep having to stop to count how many stitches I have and I have also learnt (the hard way) that if I crochet while watching something good on TV I end up having to undo it and start again!!!!!


  1. Good choice of colours ~ the ripple effect looks fabulous.

  2. This looks fantastic and I love the colours you're using. x

  3. Love your choice of colours. Ripples really are alot easier than you think.

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