Still here

I'm still here.  I've just been very busy this past week with sporting events, new windows, crochet, making goodies out of felt and catching up with my reading.

I'm half way through The Wives of Henry Oades and it's OK so far.  I'll may leave judgement until the end!!

In the late 19th century, Henry and Margaret Oades emigrate from England to New Zealand. There, Margaret and her children are abducted by Maori and eventually given up for dead. Grief stricken, Henry sails to California, where, many years later, he marries a young widow, Nancy Foreland. When Margaret and her surviving children show up on their doorstep, Henry and Nancy take them in, and all attempt to adapt. Berkeley townspeople rise up against the apparent debauched arrangement. Henry is charged with bigamy, a crime punishable by hanging. As their legal troubles mount, Margaret and Nancy find themselves allying in ways neither could have predicted.


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