Power Cut

What do you do when the power goes off.

1.  Rummage through shed for camping lamp.
2.  Rummage through teenager's room for board game.
3.  Set up said game in living room near to gas fire and aforementioned lamp.
4.  Make tea the old fashioned way.  A pan of boiling water on gas hob.
5.  Drink tea, play game of choice and watch the teenager doesn't cheat.

It was a lovely way to spend an evening.  Teenager's comments were..."It was really nice to spend time with you!!!"  Mum's comments were."I'm always in the living room at night it's just you never notice because you're always on your X-Box!!"

The Monopoly (Star Wars version) is still set up in preparation for finishing the game tomorrow.  I hate to say it but Samuel is very good at it and seems to have all the properties and still have money left.  Where am I going wrong?


  1. Our lights just flickered last night but no shortage of candles in this house! The last time we had a power cut it saw all three of us sitting on the sofa reading (not something you see everyday!) till it got too dark

  2. Hope you are not without power for very long. Your evening sounds like much fun playing monopoly with Samuel. I heard that the winds were really high in Scotland, have they settled down?

  3. Hope the weathers settled down!
    Alison xx


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