So what has everyone been up to since Santa came? 

We've been eating waaaaay too much of John's delicious cooking.
We've been walking the dog.
We've had the gas boiler man out to change a fan and ended up having 3 visits as their computer system went wonky and lost all our info!!
I've been trying to get Orange to fix my mobile phone which is only a month old.  No luck so far.
We've finally got the approval for Samuel's brace to be fitted.  4 Jan 12 will be a trip to Aberdeen.
I've been adding the finishing touches to my December Daily.  Still have a few to go.
John has cleaned the oven (good lad).
I've been adding a few more rows to my ripple blanket.
We've de-frosted the freezer and now don't need to shop for the next few months!!

I've made my Kindle a cosy cover.  I was going to buy one but thought I'd like a go at making my own.
Made with Heritage wool
and lined with lime green fabric (of course)

 and finished with a button from Paperchase which my Mum sent me months and months ago.

My Kindle by the way, although being the "Dark Side" of reading is brilliant.  I downloaded two books on Christmas day for the grand total of £3.68.


  1. Sounds like you have been busy your Kindle cover..still not succumbed(or rather no-one has bought me one..haha)...Have a great Hogmany and Happy New Year to you all!!!


  2. Love the cover (clever girl) but a Kindle means no more browsing in bookshops with tokens!!

  3. Still not feeling the Kindle love - can't break the tie with the library!!

  4. BF reckons you should do iPhone covers ~ she'd be a customer. Perfect colour ways for you.


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