A year of crafting

I didn't think I'd done that much crafting this year but it seems I did.

:: January ::   A Thomas the Tank Engine cushion for my nephew.

::  February ::  A felt heart for Samuel's girlfriend.

:: March ::  More felt hearts.  This time for Mother's Day.

:: April ::  I started sewing my 101 Granny Squares together.  This is still an on-going project!!

:: May ::  A Birthday card for my sister.

:: June ::  A scrapbook reminder to self that the diet starts now!!  Unfortunately I'll need to bring this reminder out again next week after over-indulging in the last few weeks!!

:: July ::  With fresh raspberries picked at the local farm it was jam making time.

:: August ::  It seems I wasn't crafty at all in August so I thought I'd show you my favourite picture of the month.  Samuel outside Notre dame Cathedral, Paris, France.

:: September ::  A bird badge for my sister to wear at a weekend scrapbooking retreat.

:: October ::  A card for my friend at work who turned the Big 40.

:: November ::  Time to crochet some Christmas tree decorations.

:: December ::  I'm still plodding away at my first ripple blanket.  It's going to be a lot bigger than I thought but I'll get there in the end.

So there you have it.  My crafty 2011.  I'm just about to sign up for something new and crafty in 2012 so watch this space.


  1. Such a talented sister I have!

  2. Fab year in review. I'm looking forward to this years work as well.


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