Monthly Make 2012 - January

I recently joined the Monthly Make group over on The Felt Fairy's blog where like minded crafty ladies (or men!!) make one new thing every month.

This month I've made Felt Owls.  I had loads of felt left over from making hearts last year and wanted a way to use up all the scraps.  I Googled "Felt owl template" and found a lovely blog called Juicy Bits which had an easy to make template.

Hey presto -  I now have 6 felt owls. 

I've already found next months make.   I just need to get all the bits together so I can get started.

If you pop over to Flickr you can see some more of the wonderful crafty projects made so far.


  1. Love these....we did them at school with Ellie's class(P7) and some of them were hilarious!!!!

    Kirsti xx

  2. They are fantastic and would brighten the darkest day! I know someone who would LOVE them!!

  3. Absolutely love these and know someone who would love some for her room so I'm off to check out the blog, thanks for sharing x

  4. Just love your owls. I am planning on taking part in the make a month project too. Just not that organised to have completed anything yet!

  5. They are fab!!! So cute - love the eyes!!

  6. Brilliant! I'm using felt this month too, just about finishing up my project but I haven't thought about next month yet. You are well organised


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