A first time for everything!!

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I learnt the strangest thing at lunchtime today. 

After doing a bit of shopping, my friend Elaine and I went for a coffee in one of the local supermarkets.  I found the area that dispensed the drinks and hopelessly looked around for the mugs/cups.  I could find the paper cups, teapots and drinks machines but nothing to put a cup of coffee in.  After several minutes of trying not to look like a complete idiot I asked the girl behind the till where the cups were.
She told me that I had to pay for the coffee first and then she would give me a cup so I could go to the machine and get my Latte!! 
I stood looking at her for a few seconds as if she were from Mars before asking her to repeat herself.  Her friend obviously thought I was a bit simple as she repeated the same thing only this time 'she talked really s l o w l y'!  I nearly laughed out loud but paid for the empty mugs before heading off to the Latte machine.
The thing is there was nothing to stop my friend taking the receipt and the empty mugs and going back for a refill.
That is the first time I have bought a coffee and gotten an empty mug!!! 

I think we'll go to Starbucks next time :0)


  1. How strange! Did you ask why they do that?

  2. Hello,

    This post is for me! Love coffee and so glad they turn it into art.
    They seem to be Capuchinos?

    Great foam designs!


  3. That's how they do it in McDonalds in the Asda shopping centre in Aberdeen Liz...xx

  4. What a weird system. Very strange.

  5. That's weird! I've not had that before but obviously others have! I'll stick to Starbucks in our local Sainsburys :o) x

  6. A few places do it like that here but I don't drink coffee .. strange I know ... so it doesn't bother me. Anyway, see that image top left, TFYO had that on her Kiddy-Cino last week - seriously!

  7. How strange! Learn to love Starbucks/Costa x


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