Quiet time

It's been a very quiet time here at The Gables.  There was just the three of us for Christmas and New Year and although I have met up with friends for coffee it still seems to have been very quiet.  I like visitors at Christmas but the problem is space.  We just don't seem to have enough of it.  I think that's something I may have to look into for next year.

Despite the weather which has been wet and windy we have managed to get out and about (with and without the teenager). 

We took Moss for a walk up one of the local hills.

Here's the village.

And John moving a tree out of the way of the footpath.  It's been so windy recently that trees of all sizes have been blown over.

We found the shelters that the local primary school kids have been building with the Moray Rangers.

And a shot of me and The Ever Growing Teenager!!  That apparently is him smiling!!

I know I shouldn't moan about things being quiet as it will soon be time to go back to work/school and for us at work this year that means moving to a brand new school.  I'm really looking forward to the move but not the packing and un-packing of the office!


  1. We had a very busy Christmas day and Hogmany but apart from that we haven't seen a soul...I also have a son who smiles like that as well..haha...xx

  2. All teenagers smile like that, don't they?

  3. Accept the smile ........ it's a photo!!!!!!!!!!


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