Monthly Make 2012 - February

I have been looking for a bag that goes across the body but is big enough to put your camera, purse and mobile in .  A lot of bags in our local shops are either, just big enough for a purse and a phone or are the size of a suitcase.
I had a rummage around in the top of my wardrobe and found this black & white bag I bought last year in a local supermarket for £1.50 (approx $2.30).

I un-picked the handles (which were just long enough to go over your shoulder) and re-stitched them to make one long handle stitched at the sides of the bag instead.
Then I got some felt flowers (that I'd got in a swap I did over on UKScrappers years ago), made some leaves and embroidered around the petals.  I also added buttons just because.
I then stitched them onto one side of the bag.

This bag will now hold everything I need for a day out in Paris when we visit France again at the end of March.

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  1. Good Morning Liz Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous bag. I too, have been looking for a good bag, to hold my purse, camera and Kindle, all of my necessities. I carry my camera everywhere now, we never know when we are going to see something that we need that perfect picture of.

    You did a fabulous job. Love the flowers as well. So cute. Looks like it will stand up to wear and tear as well. A beautiful addition to any wardrobe.

    I read through your blog to catch up. Sam sure has grown fast, and your photos of your travels are always so fascinating to me. Saw you had a tooth issue at one time. Hope all of that turned out well.

    I have been sick since before Christmas and yesterday and today are really my first days back out. I have missed blogging. Have a beautiful Valentine's Day sweetie.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. It looks really good! And there is something very satisfying about having one long strap - that's my favourite kind of bag too

  3. What a great idea to change an existing bag to suit your needs. I also don't like short (or double) handles and much prefer one long one. Has made me start to think about which bag I'll be taking when we go away in April xxx


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