Photo a Day - 12 Feb

Today's prompt is INSIDE YOUR CLOSET

I love my wardrobe.  We used to have a horrible flimsy thing made of chipboard when we moved in, with mirrors that were really low down John could only see his legs in it.  (The previous occupant is only 4' 11").
One day, about six months after we moved in, whilst I was at a Scrapbooking Crop in Aberdeen, John and Samuel set to and ripped it all out.  We lived with a big gap on one wall for about 6 weeks until John made a new one with custom built sliding, mirrored doors.  I was so proud of him for making it.  He just said "It's OK"  A man of few words when it comes to talking about his DIY.


  1. I think I might have a touch of wardrobe/bedroom envy here ;-). John did a fantastic job with the wardrobes and I love the size of your bedroom! xx

  2. I'm with Rhona with the envy!! J's a clever lad!

  3. I'm loving the bedroom and wardrobe too!
    Alison xx


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