Photo a Day - 16 Feb

SOMETHING NEW is the prompt for today.

That would have to be my new glasses.  Out with the reading glasses and in with the varifocals.  I know!!   It comes to us all in the end!!

So far I love them.  It is so much easier to see when you can leave your glasses on instead of taking them on and off every five minutes. 


  1. They look great Liz! I must say I do like varifocals, they make life so much easier. xx

  2. I like, I like a lot. It'll be me next!

  3. Good choice - they really suit you.

  4. Looks good - stylish, classy and suits you. Welcome to the club! (tee hee)

  5. Well, dont you look spiffy!
    I like the glasses, and you have very pretty color eyes as well:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. utoect DecemberThey really suit you...I've had mine for a few months now, and although it took me a couple of weeks to get used to them I love them now too!
    Alison xx


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