Photo a Day - 22 Feb

As I wasn't in work today I swapped the prompts and went with tomorrow's prompt SHOES instead. 

I bought these shoes for our works Christmas night out last year but it was so icy on the night I didn't wear them.  I'm giving them their first outing this weekend when we are out with friends.
I love them.  They are very 1940s.


  1. Beautiful shoes and I love the way you photographed them. Have fun when you wear them out! x

  2. They are indeed lovely, I hope they're comfy!

  3. They are beautiful Liz...I just don't do heels I'm afraid tho...wish I did...x

  4. They look good - enjoy wearing them.
    (I'm not finding the 'words' to type before leaving a comment very easy - who thought of them!)


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