Photo a Day - 6 Feb

The word for today is DINNER.

Now this would normally be a no brainer.  Just snap a picture of what you're having for your supper.  Unfortunately today I have the abscess back on my gum and I'm finding it hard to eat anything too hard.  Luckily I'm very fond of rice pudding and it came to the rescue tonight :0) 

When I've finished my weeks worth of anti-biotics I'm off to the dentist next Monday to see if I can get my tooth taken out.  Oh the joys!!


  1. Ooh, don't envy you either of those - the rice pudding or the tooth out! I sometimes wonder, if I'd had rice pudding as a child would I like it now? I'm not sure, it would have to be custard for me! x

  2. Oh I sure hope that once all this trouble with your tooth settles down you are able to have an amazing Dinner!!!!! Not just rice pudding!!! Best of luck with the tooth :)

  3. Sorry to hear that the tooth is playing up again. x

  4. Sorry to hear the tooth is a problem again - thinking of you xx

  5. Hope it's a bit better....toothache is horrible!
    Alison xx


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