Photo a Day - 9 Feb

FRONT DOOR is today's prompt. 

I could have gone for the safe option and taken a picture of the door from the outside but decided to try and capture Samuel coming in from school.  I'm not normally home until about 20 minutes after him so he wasn't expecting to see me lurking on the stairs when he came through the door.

I haven't sussed out how to use Corel Paintshop Pro X4 yet so the picture is a bit dark.  Something to add to my "To Do" list for this year.

Tomorrow is a Self Portrait.  How I hate doing those.


  1. Good job! Is that your car parked on the newly renamed B road?

  2. That is classic - this has made me smile :0)

  3. I love the look on his face :o) - brought a smile to my face too! x

  4. That's a surprised look on his

  5. Interesting take on the word and a sneaky shot of the young man who hates having his photo taken!


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