A wee felt hoosie

You may remember this post where I had a lot of sewing stuff strewn across my dining room table.  Well the result of all that mess was a wee felt house.

I'd seen one on a blog called Charlotte's Fancy and followed her link to a lovely on-line shop called Intres Handmade.   My only problem was the price.  Her felt house (below)  was priced at £25.00. Eeeek!!!
I thought "I could do that" and immediately set about raiding my scraps box.

Here's what I came up with...............
This is the front of  "My House".  Three windows, one door and at certain times of the year, a hanging basket for the Fochabers in Bloom competition.
The basket is my favourite bit.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I now have another 5 (possibly 7) to make!!!!  Oh dear why do I start these things?  No wonder I said it was a year long project.


  1. Gorgeous! The hanging basket is inspired! x

  2. Oh my goodness - the patience you must have! That is so cute but I'm sure it took some time to make! x

  3. So lovely. That beadwork on the hanging basket is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! I would easily recognise the outside of your home. It looks very fiddly but you didn't give an idea of the size. Keep stitching!

  5. You've made a great job of that Liz..you are obviously good with needles of any sort!
    Alison xx


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