Chateau Bizy

Friday we took a walk around Chateau Bizy which is 1 mile from Vernon "Centre Ville" (Town centre).
We were a bit disappointed that the tour of the house wasn't longer or that we couldn't see the whole of the gardens but the bits we did see were very nice.  As per usual I had two "not really interested" blokes with me but I just ignored them!!

The main part of the Chateau - from the courtyard.
 Main courtyard leading to the stables.
 The front of the Chateau - which overlooks the English park.
 The gardens that we were allowed to walk around were very peaceful and very warm to sit in whilst waiting for the tour to begin.
 With small statues and water features.
We also walked up to the fountains (of which there are quite a few).  I popped in to take a picture of the horse-fish but had a really spooky feeling come over me and they really freaked me out.  I couldn't take the picture quick enough.  It was a really strange feeling and one I didn't like very much at all.  It's something I've never felt before and never want to feel again.  The boys thought I was a freak!!

And just for my Mum I managed to get a picture of the Teenage one.  Not looking too shabby after two days in bed.


  1. Thank you! All looks beautiful and peaceful - perfect.


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