Garden Flowers

Guess what?  After two days of lovely sunshine it's back to the wet weather and more rain.

To brighten my day I thought I'd take a snap of my Bleeding Heart in between showers.
I've noticed that a few other bloggers have these plants too.  John bought me mine two years ago and it's so easy to keep.  Cut it back once it's stopped flowering and leave it to it's own devices.  Simple.

My other new addition this year is a Mossy Saxifrage which we got as it has the same name as the dog.
This looks pretty easy to keep too.  Just cut the dead stalks back to the green moss and leave till next year.

I like simple plants that look after themselves as I am definitely not a gardener.


  1. Gorgeous flowers!!

    I'm happy to let you know I've awarded your blog with a Liebster award. If you've not heard of it (I hadn't), its for smaller blogs with less than 200 followers. I think you're writing is fantastic, and I really go always read it in my head with a Scottish accent! So thank you for opening your life to your readers, and enjoy! Just hop over to my blog for the how-tos for the award!

  2. I just bought a bleeding heart after seeing one on a friends blog and her saying it was so easy to look after - thanks for the gardening tips. Sunshine again today :-)

  3. The 'award' sounds interesting - wait to hear more!!!!!x

  4. Simple flowers that are easy to keep are just the sort I need for our garden. I've seen the bleeding heart before and have always liked it. xx


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