How is it when you go away on holiday someone isn't well?  Why can't that happen when you're at work or school so you can have time off?  The Teenage one has had a horrible chesty cough for the last few days and has spent much of the days in bed.  In an attempt to get some fresh air into him, yesterday we went the few miles up the road to Giverny.  The village where Claude Monet lived for the last 43 years of his life.  Where he painted his famous Water Lillies.

We'd already been around his house last summer so just walked around the village.
 Down the narrow little streets.....
 The new mingling in with the old.....
 up to Sainte-Radegonde church
 which is much prettier on the inside than out.
Stopping to look for the Commonwealth War Graves of 7 airmen killed on 8 June 1944.
Then back to the car via the fish pond where the boys played "Spot the biggest"!!


  1. Did you add a pebble to the pile? A lovely Jewish custom when visiting the dead.

  2. Looks like a good day - hope TTO is better.

  3. It looks like a nice walk. Hope your son is feeling a bit better soon xx


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