Weekend wanderings

The weather this weekend has been glorious.  Or at least it's been a lot drier than last week when we had flood warnings!!

It was on with the boots and out with Moss.  John and I took him out whilst the Teenage One was still in his pit.

The trees are starting to look green again...... (they actually looked lime green in real life)
the pond was looking very calm.....................
Mr Swan gave the evil eye as we went past.  Mrs Swan was safely on the nest at the other end.
and the rape seed is yellow.....................not good for hay fever sufferers but lovely to look at.

It was nice walking around the village as it's very quiet now the traffic is diverted around the back.

Trying to make the most of the good weather we bought some bedding plants and tidied up the garden.  I'm hoping to have a colourful garden in the next few months with Geraniums, Petunias, Pansies, Lobelia plus one called Mossy something or other which we just had to have.
My orange scarecrow is called Tattie Bogle and is from my nephew who was in his school play of the same name.

How was your weekend?


  1. Looks like you've had better weather up there than we've had. I've had a weekend trying to catch up because I'm feeling very behind in everything at the moment. I'm getting there - slowly :). This next week is going to see some change in our house which I think is going to be good! More on that soon :) xx

  2. We now have webbed feet down here!

  3. The first photo of the trees beside the pond is really lovely - what a magical place to be able to walk through!

  4. Your w/end looked beautiful. I thought about building an ark yestersay!!!!!!x


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