What are you reading?

I'm currently reading The Dress by Sophie Nicholls.  I only bought it, as when I got my Kindle I didn't have any books and this one was only 99p.

It's a bit slow at the start but things seem to be picking up now I'm half way through.  My only problem now is staying awake long enough to read it!!

The Dress starts out as a sweet, gentle story of a vibrant, exotic mum who opens a vintage dress shop, and her self-conscious teen-aged daughter - the new kid in town who is having trouble figuring out where she fits in. The first half of the story continues in this vein as we get to know Fabbia and Ella.

About half way through things take a slightly darker turn and in the end we learn more of what has shaped the lives of Fabbia and Ella.


  1. I like ones that cost 99p may have to have a look :0)

  2. At that price I may add it to my list - just because!

  3. Another one I like the sound of...I've just finished '34 Charing Cross Road'(sent by Ruth), and thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Alison xx

  4. I've just finished reading 84, Charing Cross Rd after Ruth put a link to it on her blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it and now Emily is going to read it too xx

  5. Ruth bought me a copy too and I'm planning on reading it next.

  6. Are you enjoying the read?


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