10 Things on the Tenth

This is the first time I've played along with this since last year as I normally remember the day after. 

 So here are:
10 random facts about me

1.       I’ve had three broken bones.  Two fingers and one elbow.

2.       I once saw Ewan McGregor in a local pub with his dad and brother but didn’t say hello as I had really bad hay fever and my eyes were red!!  There was a postcard in the pub that night of a dinosaur eye and my lovely sister thought it was a match for mine!!!

3.       I’ve waved at Margaret (& Dennis) Thatcher when they arrived at RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands in 1992.   She came to visit for the 10th anniversary of the Falklands War.  The guys in the Supply section gave their plane a landing score out of 10 and Dennis went over to chat to them.  Much to the disgust of the Station Commander who didn't want them out there when the Thatchers arrived!!
 This picture is from her visit in 1983
4.       I passed my driving test in Germany in a right hand drive car on the left hand side of the road.

5.       When I was in Saudi Arabia and went for a meal with the guys I worked with.  The owner put us behind a screen as the guys told him I wouldn’t sit in another room with the women and children.  Women are not allowed to sit in the same area as the men.

6.       I really don’t like heights and wouldn’t go up the Eiffel Tower when we went to Paris last year.  I won’t go on any kind of roller coaster either.
 Photo from Google
7.       I’m definitely a “leave it till tomorrow” kind of girl than a “do it today”.

8.       I’ve watched Band of Brothers, with John and Samuel once, every year, for the last six years.

9.       I’m quite a shy person until I get to know people.

10.   I find making small talk difficult so tend to say nothing.
10 Things on the Tenth is hosted by Shimelle but I don't think she's done one this month.  Or at least not one I can find!!


  1. Oh, I can so agree with your #9 & #10!! Great list. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Great list Liz..I'm now assuming you served in the Forces at one point?
    Alison xx

  3. I really enjoyed this post. You've certainly travelled a bit. I'm with you on #6 & #7 and #9 & #10 could apply to me too. xx

  4. What a brilliant list! How lovely to be so close to Ewan (swoon!) shame about the red eyes lol!

  5. This might be random but it was interesting to read. I am a bit like you regarding #9 and 10...

  6. That's really good - had to laugh at the one with the lips zipped shut - that's not the Liz I know!!! haha - I shall have to rack my brain and try and do one!


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