Look what I've got

Look what arrived in the post yesterday.  The complete box set of the West Wing.  I have to admit to never watching it while it was on TV but it is supposed to be very good drama.

It came as a "Just Because" from my lovely sister Ruth.  Thanks sis x
I now have 44 DVDs, 154 episodes, 112 hours of viewing time (with added extras) to watch.  Though not all at once!!

Lets get started :0)


  1. You have a very generous sister. She got me started on ER though I haven't worked my way through all the series yet ;o) xx

  2. And before long you'll be saying, "What's next?"

  3. It becomes addictive - trust me!x

  4. It's not a series I watched either...enjoy!
    Alison xx


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