Meet Herman

This is Herman.  He's my Friendship Cake and I got him from my friend Sharon at work.
He's a sourdough cake and over the next 10 days I will stir him, feed him flour, sugar and milk and then I'll split him into 4, giving 3 away before turning one quarter into my own cake.

So far I'm on day two and all I do today is stir.  How hard can that be?  It's nice to see the bubbles on the top as no bubbles means he's dead!!!
He doesn't look very appetising at the moment but I'm hoping once I've added the apples and cinnamon and (in 10 days time) cooked him, he'll be delicious.

BTW the pink bit in the bowl is just the reflection off the vase!!


  1. We have been given a Herman too and he is at the same stage. Thought he'd died this morning but the bubbles are back :0)
    Wonder if they are related.

  2. We had Herman a little while ago and he was delicious when he was cooked - I was very pleasantly surprised :) xx

  3. Hello, Herman!
    Nice to meet you!
    I sure you will turn into something yummy soon.

  4. I had a Herman and after 10 days he tasted just okay, which was disappointing.


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