A sunny day at last

Today has been gorgeous.  Well in comparison with the last few days it has.  A full 15 degrees at one point.
It's also been a busy one with housework, ironing, dog walking,  PAT visiting, shopping, sitting in the garden and a little bit of scrapping.

Whilst walking Moss I came across the swan family.  The other day I thought they only had 4 babies but it turns out they have 5.  One is hiding under the leaves next to Mum on the left.  You can just about make him out.
In the garden the apple tree is doing well

 and a new flower has appeared.  I haven't planted it so can only assume that the seed was dropped by a bird.
The Great Tits have babies in what we like to call The Mansion (it's a bird box big enough for an owl to get in!!!) and have been in and out all afternoon.  Unfortunately not at the time I had my camera with me so here's a shot from last year.

It was the local Highland Games today so it was nice to be out in the garden in the peace and quiet.

What have you been up to?


  1. It looks like you've had better weather up there than we have. Your photos are beautiful and I especially like the one of the swan family xx

  2. We were at a post-wedding lunch and very lovely it was, too. Couldn't you persuade that nephew of mine to go to the Highland Games?

  3. Those cygnets are just way too cute!! Beautiful flowers, also.

  4. Love your pics...I have spent the day cleaning and gardening-enjoyed the latter, not so much the former!
    Alison xx


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