Hello Monday

Well it's still just about Monday here so I can legally squeeze this in :0)
Both Amy at Over at Our Place and my sister Ruth are playing along with this so I thought........ Why not?

What are you saying hello to this Monday?

Hello last Monday of the school session.  Only four more days to go till the summer holidays (3 by the time I publish this.)

Hello picking up flight tickets for Turkey.  I now have them in my hot little hand.

Hello first day of Wimbledon.  At last a sport worth watching.

Hello ASDA!!  Best time to do your weekly shopping?  Monday afternoon.  It was really quiet.

Hello crochet.  I've been AWOL for a wee while but now I'm back.

Hello Monday is a series that originated here.  This is my first Hello Monday post - I like the idea.


  1. I'm a Wimbledon fan too, and got to see some of day one as well ... Tuesday mornings are also good days to go to the supermarket!


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