Jubilee Celebrations

As most people here know this year is the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Some people in the UK don't like the royal family or the Union Jack but I for one am PROUD to be both a British and a Royalist.

This is photo heavy post - most of the photos from Google

I thought the Pageant on the River Thames was excellent but thought the Royal family looked absolutely freezing stood watching for what must have been hours.

:: The Queen with Prince Phillip who is now in hospital.  We hope he gets well soon.
:: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  I was really hoping someone would bring Kate a coat as she looked chilled to the bone.
 :: A selection of the 1000 boats that took part in the Pageant.
 ::  The War Horse on top of the National Theatre.  The Queen loves this show apparently and spotted Joey running along the top of the building.  I think that's a must see show next time we go to London.
 ::  Fireworks on Tower Bridge at the end of the Pageant on Sunday.

Monday saw the festivities continue with a concert outside Buckingham Palace.
:: Apart from the 20,000 or so people outside the palace there was approx 250,000 more people on the Mall
 ::  I recorded the concert and then when I watched it back I skipped through all the chatting and 'boring' bits.  I have to say that it's about time that when we put on a  huge event like this we stop asking all the 'Oldies' to take part.  Cliff Richard, Elton John and especially Paul McCartney were awful.  Fast forward through their bits.  Sir Tom Jones was brilliant because he now sings song that suit his older voice.  I loved his Spanish style 'Delilah' but my favourite of the night was The Jubilee song with the Military Wives, the African Children's choir, the Slum Drummers and a few others whose names escape me at the moment.
 ::  The younger Royals seemed to be enjoying themselves.
 :: and the night was rounded off with a fantastic fireworks display over the palace.


Tuesday was a day off for most of the country and a lot of people seemed to be in London for the last day of the festivities.
The Queen was at St Paul's Cathedral this morning, followed by a lunch at Westminster Hall and then a carriage trip back to Buckingham Palace before coming out on the balcony for the flypast.

:: The Queen shared her carriage with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall as Prince Phillip was still in hospital.
 ::  William and Kate came back with Harry.
 :: A much smaller group out on the balcony.  Some on the news say that this is because they are now showing us the next generation of the Royal Family.....who knows?
 ::  The Red Arrows bring up the rear of the flypast after the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and a Dakota have already flown past.
 :: And as for me?  I put up my home made bunting in my window.................
 and made Queen cakes with little flags in the top.

What did you do for the Jubilee weekend?


  1. Your photos made me wish I was British! ;) What an exciting time.

  2. It was truly an amazing celebration! We had a beacon on the church tower ~ very cool!

  3. I loved watching the London festivities but we also attended our local Diamond Jubilee parade (photos on my blog). It was so good to see the Queen being celebrated and to see the country come together. xx

  4. What a great roundup of the weekend...we watched it on TV and although there were a few planned events amongst the expat community. I didn't actually attend any
    Alison xx

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  6. I worked through the whole thing & didn't get to see any of it! It looked amazing though... I love the Red Arrows.


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