This weekend I........................

My sister Ruth has posted about her weekend on her blog which she did after reading about Carrie's weekend over at Rosalind Revival.  Not one to be left out I thought I'd give it a go too.

Not very exciting due to the bad weather but a weekend all the same.

I did the usual housework.
I ironed my last lot of school uniform for this session.....yey!!
I walked Moss in the rain (both days)

I sorted out some holiday clothes.

I got sick and tired of it raining.
I phoned my sister.
I started a new crochet blanket.

I made a very nice Chicken Tikka Massala for supper.  The Teenage One had pizza!!!
I got sick and tired of it raining.
I watched a few episodes of The West Wing

and did I mention I got sick and tired of it raining?

How was your weekend?


  1. Marking and I too got sick and tired of it raining :0)

  2. Your rain came our way after we spoke ... we went to the park in our wellies!

  3. Love the looks of your crochet project! I sure wish we could have some of your rain. We need it here in Arizona.

    Lovely look at your weekend. :o)

  4. I do hope it's stopped raining!
    Alison xx


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