Who's tallest now?

The Teenage One always wanted to be taller than me or his Granny.  Even back in 2009 he was trying his best to be taller.

 Three years later it seems he's got his wish.  Only this time he wasn't prepared to stand there with his hand on his head so Granny had to take that part instead.
At nearly 6ft I think that officially makes him taller than his Granny.


  1. Great photos!! My youngest is itching to be taller than me. I'm giving it until Christmas...

  2. I have two age 13 and 12 itching to be taller than me (and I'm not really that short) and it won't be long...how old is now Liz?

    Kirsti xx

  3. haha That's brilliant! Look how young he looks in the first photo - it's amazing how much they change at this age.

  4. Oh my goodness!
    yes, he is now the tallest for sure:)


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