A Girlie Day Out

Last Saturday the girls at work had a day out, (without kids and hubbies), and headed off to Inverness.  We all got different trains and did our own shopping etc before meeting up later on in the day.

My friend June and I started our day with a manicure......
followed by coffee and a bite to eat.  This was then followed by some shopping.  I have to say at this point I only bought a mascara and June didn't buy anything!!

We did however have time to try on some fur coats.....Here's me looking like a demented Dalmatian!!
and some very BIG hats.
 I think June wins that round :0)

After all that excitement we thought it best to go and have a wee glass of vino before meeting up with the others for a meal and a chat.
We met them in Hootenannies which smelt like a sweaty old folks home and was reeeeally basic.  The only thing missing was the sawdust on the floor!!
but from there we went on to the Mustard Seed Restaurant where we had a really lovely meal. 
Next stop before the train home was a cocktail bar, where I seem to have been caught unawares!!
It's a long time since I've been out drinking and it was an eye opener to be sober when all around you are a little bit tiddly.
Still it didn't stop me having fun on the train on the way home.


  1. Lovely colour nail polish and you make a gorgeous Dalmation, darlink!

  2. Looks as though ou had a good time!!


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