Halloween crochet

I saw some knitted pumpkins on Facebook last night (http://www.facebook.com/MissPitchyPatchy) and thought I could do that.
 They didn't take very long (probably longer than they should but I was watching True Blood at the same time!!) and turned out OK.
The girl on Facebook charges £5.00 each for hers which I think is Waaaaaaaay overpriced.  I know they are all handmade but come on..........How much?


  1. Those are really cute!! :)

  2. I think these are the CUTEST pumpkins I've ever seen! Great job wtih them. They are precious.



  3. They are so great... As for price - it's the same with all hand-crafted items really, people try and price them according to the time etc it takes to make them (plus make a profit) and then they always seem way too expensive.


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