It's too early!!

This morning Mum, Samuel and I walked along to Baxter's to eat one (or two) of their delicious pancakes.

 I had noticed a few weeks ago that they already had their Christmas shop up and running.

It all looks very nice but..............................It's too early!!  We haven't had Halloween or Bonfire Night yet!!!

The man on the left walked straight into shot as I pressed the button. Naughty man!!


  1. We saw Tesco putting up their Christmas tree this morning ...

  2. I agree - I hate it when shops have Back To School displays before the children have even broken up for the summer, or Christmas specials in September... I'd prefer shops to wait till December, really!

  3. Couldn't agree more's getting earlier every year!! x

  4. It does look very pretty though ;) My daughter's birthday is in September but she's always more excited about it nearly being Christmas than it being her birthday. It does make me start thinking ahead earlier than I used to. xx

  5. I'm in the 'it's NEVER too early' camp!
    Alison xx

  6. Hmmm - I do agree, but I've actually bought three Christmas presents - first time ever though!


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