Saturday doings

Only two days left before it's back to work.  Still not to worry it's only another 2 months till we're on holiday again!!
In an attempt to make the most of the day I've kept myself busy.

I played taxi driver for the teenage one so he could go shooting.  It's a bit chiller than last time hence the woolly hat.

Ordered some new boots for the winter.  Lined for extra toasty toes.

Made Hidden Veg Tomato Sauce - Anything to get veg into the previously mentioned teenager - Recipe to follow

Tidied the kitchen.  Please ignore the state of the windows.  They are due to be plastered next weekend.
(They've only been like that for the last year so another week won't do them any harm!!)

I made a Christmas decoration.
and home made pizzas

I helped with some art homework.  I had thought the days of making things from pasta were over............but it seems not.  This now has to be painted at school!!

I watched Strictly Come Dancing and Merlin.  I like Merlin but Morgana is beginning to get on my nerves!!

and I did some of my crochet blanket, which by the time I have finished will be the biggest one to date!!  I think I may have overdone the size.

How was your Saturday?


  1. Pizzas and saucxe look yummy. Bought some pizza bases (I know, I know) so will try your sauce recipe

  2. I love the Christmas decorations you're making, where do you get your patterns from or are you just super talented and make your own?

  3. These pizzas look good...and I love the sound of that sauce!
    Alison xx

  4. Busy bee, busy bee! I have noted the change in the furniture!!


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