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Today it was time for yet another trim of the hair that seems to grow ten times quicker when it's short, than it does when it's longer!!!

With that in mind I thought I'd drag out a few of my hair styles from the last 46 years.  I'm sure there are a lot more photos lurking in a box I the attic but these were all I could find for now!!

1:  1966 - obviously no hair!!

2: Late 1960s - Aaah cute. 

3:  1971/72 - The frowning stage of childhood

4:  1978 (approx) - Being presented with something by the mayor and his wife. I'm the one on the left and not the one in the very fetching 1970s frock!!  I'm not that old :0)

5:  1991 - A very windswept curly perm I had done at RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands.  This was on a day out on HMS Active that involved a quick tour of the ship and a lot of beer.  Anything for a day off work!

6: 1994 - With dad in Germany/Belgium.  I can't remember which.  Another curly hair do this time left to grow wild!!  This was a perm in the days before "Products" that stop it frizzing.

7: 2004 - John was presented with his Long Service and Good Conduct medal and they threw in a free photo.  This was the only day I got my short hair to sit properly.

8: 2005 - With my cousins (I'm 2nd from the right).  It's not very often these days that we all get a photo taken together.  I think we were ordered to "Sit" for this one by both Mum and Auntie!!

9: 2010 - This is the longest I can remember my hair being and it looked great this day as Santa had just brought me some GHD straighteners!!

10: 2012 - Back to being short and I have to admit, so much easier to keep under control.

So there you have it.  A few of the lovely hairstyles I've had over the years.  I'm sure if I looked harder I could find some really bad ones.  Those I'm happy to say are safely tucked away out of sight and out of mind!!

How many of you have had really bad Hair Dos in the past?

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  1. Ahh!
    Dread to think what past hair styles I have had - I do remember a curly perm but couldn't possibly find a photo!!
    Think the photo with your Dad was Monchau (it rained)

  2. No.3 is April 1973 ~ it's date printed on the side of the original photo.
    Some lovely dos there, almost as lovely as some of mine.
    Love the photo of you and Dad.

  3. They're not too bad hairstyles - you should see the hairstyles I've had over the years - completely cringeworthy and def not for the public domain!! Now I seemed to have switched from every hairstyle under the sun to ever colour under the sun!! haha

  4. These are very brave! Thanks for sharing. I defintely had some simialr perms, but you're not going to see them!

  5. I think you're very photogenic Liz. Like Sharon, I tend to have not changed hairstyles as much as I've changed colours.

  6. I've had bad dos and bad colours - currently is the best on both, I think!

  7. Kirsty, I have some really bad perm photos but they are under lock and key!!

  8. I have some wonderful perm pictures, but I don't think I'd be brave enough to share them!
    Alison xx

  9. Thanks for sharing! I love this 10 Things - I like the idea of sharing, but not sure if I am brave enough to do the same... May be one month!

  10. Great styles. :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is a fab idea for 10 things! Loved looking at all your pics, past and present :)


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