A visitor and some decorating

Whilst out in the garden yesterday Samuel discovered this little fella in the watering can.

How he/she even got into the garden let alone the can is a mystery.  Our garden has no back gate and is surrounded on three sides by walls.  It was decided that he/she should have a new home somewhere else so Samuel put him/her into my sandwich box and took him/her down the lane to the pond.  Luckily for me my sandwiches weren't in the box at the time :0)

While he was doing that John decide that after a year of half finished windows in the kitchen he would plaster them and re-decorate!!
Just when I thought the mess had finished it's back.  We're papering it on Sunday then next weekend I have the wonderful job of painting it.  Wonder what colour I could get away with!!
Once that's done I can get some blinds which will be nice after having none for the last year.  Choices, choices.


  1. BiL certainly knows how to pick his moment, doesn't her?!
    Are you having a new sandwich box?

  2. I hope so. I don't fancy slime sandwiches!!


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