Hello Monday (Wednesday)

I bit late I know :0)

This week it's................................

Hello to John's first full week back in the UK after working in France for the last 18 months.  Next week it's back to Aberdeen every day!!

Hello to him getting rid of the French lurgy he bought home with him!!

Hello to a quick visit to the vet for Moss.  More steroids needed and a quick MOT.

Hello to a visit to the Wax Shop.  Two eyebrows please!!  :0)

Hello to a night out with friends at the weekend.  We're off out to the local Indian..  Yum, yum

Hello to you all.  I hope you all have a good week.


  1. Hope you don't catch the French lurgy!

  2. Love this idea - might try and give it a go - if I remember!


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